Keeping things different

Sometimes when you collect things for so long you can find it hard to keep going, either it being you already gotten what you had set out to get or what you really want feels so far out of reach you just feel like giving up.
In 2023 I decided to start collecting NIBs ( new in box lps, pets that remain in their oringial packaging ) and over the past few months I have been able to obtain a pretty decent collection, something else I wanted to work towards to collecting LPS merch, merch is hard to find online and when you do find it, you bet its very overpriced for what it is. I have started to aquire more of these very lovely peices, there will be pictures of them in the photo section.

Dream pets

Of course I have dream pets as well!
You can find a up to date list on LPS merch!
some noticeable ones on the list are

- 675 ( I had her but she was stolen from me :c )
- 786 ( I loved 491 whenever I was younger, 786 is so mysterious to me with their blue eyes )
- 1162 ( so pretty, no words )
- 2291 ( I love glitter and pink, perfect combo for me )

and finally,

Comic con cat
one day I will pay way too much for you.