Pineapple is the mascot of my site and Littlest Blog Shop. Pineapple is a cat who is a laid back and chill dude who loves relaxing in the sun, He is around 18-21 years old. Pineapple uses He/him pronouns, and is Aroace. Pineapple is my fursona as well as the mascot, he was created in an old warrior cat fangame but has evovled a ton since then!

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About me

Hello, my name is Movie! I am a 17 year old artist! I also love to code, it is something that I taught myself after leaving secondary school as a way to keep myself busy. This website is my little passion project that will never be truly complete hehe. As someone with autism I tend to have a lot of interests and hyperfixations some of those include:

-Art ( digita artl, comics, painting, coding )
-Toy collecting ( Littlest pet shop, My Little pony, Garfield, Jurassic World )
-Video Games ( Pokemon, Minecraft, Flight rising )
-Misc ( Fish, enamel pins, movies, Dracula, Godzilla )

You can find me on other Soical medias!

Discord: Movieless
Deviantart: Movie95
Tumblr: Movie95

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